You Will Get


I provide services that meet reasonable expectations, needs and demands, for the best value. Inspired quote: “Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things”

Quality & Initiative

My personal commitment and dedication make the greatest difference in ensuring high quality service and care. I am not simply performing requested tasks. I take initiatives to ensure that the best and most accurate information is provided for making the decisions.

Honesty & Discretion

Among my strongest attributes is the fact that I exhibit honesty, discretion and accountability. I aim for steady, long-lasting and trusting relationships.

Organised Approach

I exhibit strong research, developmental & organisational skills. I have the necessary flexibility to approach challenging tasks & focus on recognising & solving problems.

Time Management

I prioritise all my tasks and eliminate unnecessary ones, so that my clients obtain the most efficient and cost-effective use of my time.

Work Ethic

Although I enjoy operating alone, I consider team work a vital component of any successful business. I employ the highest standards of team spirit and work ethic to achieve the company's goal.

Communication Skills

With my experience of many years I have enriched my communication skills. I ensure high standards in phone etiquette, email correspondence and written communications. I am a native Greek speaker. I am fluent in English and Italian, with very good knowledge of Spanish and French and also I can communicate, just the basic, in German.

Passion & Enthusiasm

I always approach all tasks with passion & enthusiasm. I strongly believe that maximum productivity is accomplished when you find personal satisfaction and reward in your work. Providing administrative support and assistance is my passion!