12 April 2019


Hi my friends,

You may all know that I love traveling.  When I was a child and I was asked what I wish to become someday …. I gave always the same reply … “I have no idea but I know that I want to see the whole world”.

I feel lucky that I have already traveled a lot in my life but there are still many places that I long to visit.

And yes, as time goes by, I become a huge fan of the road trip.  I could dare to say that this is the love of my life …. J at least one of them.

Benefits? A lot!


You feel free

You take your own paths

You drive as long as you want

You have as many stops as you like, at any place you may like

You see the real country

You see details

You smell

You feel the air around you

You get the impression that time stops and nothing matters

You change plans

You collect moments

You become the master of yourself


The last couple of months I work in Brasil – in the middle of the country, in areas that you wouldn’t visit if there was no specific reason to do so.  I still haven’t seen the basic or maybe better the wellknown parts.  But I have traveled a lot by my car and I am pretty sure that I know now the real Brasil, the one that a “classic” tourist cannot be aware of it.


Listen to me and schedule your next vacation by taking a road trip.  You will love it!


Take care,


5 April 2019


Lately I found myself lost, confused, tired, with no inspiration, with no hope. I followed the advice of a good friend at my home country and I started psychotherapy. I feel like I took the best decision of my life.  It is so good to have someone to guide you to your inner world and actually to yourself!


One of the first lessons I took and I wish to share with you is referring to inner and outer motivations.  I learnt, and believe me I had never thought about it before, that while outer motivations are numerous the inner ones are just two (2), fear and hope. We do things without thinking cause of hope or fear.


Have you ever considered which choices have been taken in your life with hope and which with fear?  In my case the majority of those were taken cause of fear.  But, what gives you fear, doesn’t worth to try it?


I am not sure if it is more important to do things with hope than fear.  I am saying this because it is the final outcome that makes the difference.  If you get what you wish, you have succeeded.  The problem is that we do not comprehend – before acting or reacting – why we do things.  This is what we should all try to work more with and understand better ourselves.  We should try to realize which actions/reactions took place because we hoped to get something and which because we were afraid to get something.


If you find out our inner motivation then all outer will definitely be of big success.  If you know your values, your needs, your background then you will be able to achieve your goals and take advantage of opportunities or challenges.


Do me a favor please, spend some time and think about it. You will see that this will be the first step of your metamorphosis.


Lots of love


30 October 2018


Dear friends,

It’s been quite a long without managing to sit down and write my thoughts and I really-really-really missed this contact. I have so many things to tell you but mostly I want to share with you my experience of being part of a great team and lead 250 people.


This year started with undertaking the management of a project in Pirapora, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  The project was the last phase of constructing the largest solar park in Latin America, named “Pirapora” of total 400 MW power, and more specifically the completion of mechanical and electrical works at 86MWp of this complex within only 4 months.


This short period of time led us to work harder and increase considerably our manpower by reaching the number of 250 employees. I cannot describe to you how splendid this was for me.


Being in a foreign country, with totally different culture and custom and trying to select people, train them and get the requested outcome in time was totally exhausting but really worth it.  I felt as if I was in the military.  I kept saying to my friends that from now on I can recount various stories too.


Adopting new habits, learning their language to communicate better, trying to comprehend their believes and their ethics opened my mind, made me feel better their needs,  enriched my knowledge but above all that made me respect and appreciate much more human kind, all with no exemptions, for having the will to be part of a team and contribute the most for constructing a plant that would offer so much to their environment and their daily life.


I used to say that I love to work alone, behind my office-desk, having time to control my thoughts and enjoying my loneness but no, this has changed entirely. I enjoyed so much working together with all these people, shaking hands, giving a hand, requesting help, exchanging ideas, fighting for my opinion that I wouldn’t dare even to think of working alone again.  There are always disappointments too but aren’t worth of mentioning.


I wish to thank all these new friends of mine, Brazilians, Portuguese, Spanish, Panamanians, Romanians and of course Greeks.  Looking forward to our new common adventures.

9 January 2018

Dream Big

It’s been two months that I haven’t written to you and to myself anything… I couldn’t start this year without sharing my thoughts and my wishes.

2017 was a tough year for personal and professional reasons but has ended and always at the end and before the new beginning you start to think your wishes, your goals, your achievements, your mistakes, everything.

What I really wish for 2018 is to have more time for Eleni.  Lately, whenever I think of myself, I see me working hard for others’ goals….

This is my job, to be honest, but, I admit, it is so tiring and frustrating from time to time, especially when you find yourself doing nothing else but working.

I know well that I sound pessimistic and without any good mood but don’t take me so seriously, I can handle such situations and I can prove to me and to you that life is beautiful and it depends on you and no one else of how you will spend your time and days….

What I want from 2018 is to keep dreaming big, without limits, without compromising at all.  This way I will manage to live my daily life and see the future through today.  I love the moto “what time is it? TODAY” I do love it.  It is so true!!

If I choose this attitude I will enjoy everything more.  My friends, we have to enjoy simple things, a coffee with a friend, a walk, a movie, a book, a DREAM.  Yes, we have to learn to enjoy dreaming!

Don’t hesitate to dream, don’t hesitate to ask for your wish, don’t hesitate to take care of you!

Happy 2018, may be a glorious year, full of love, joy, happiness.

I hope I won’t disappoint you and myself.  Next year, same day, I promise I will share with you where I will be standing.

Lots of kisses