Project Management of 2 Solar Parks in Brazil, of 98MWp totally

Our customer undertook the civil and electromechanical works in a 6MWp Solar Park in Brasilia and the electrical works and pile diving works (with and without concrete) at a 92MWp solar in Sao Paolo of the electromechanical works in two (2) Solar Parks in Brazil, of totally 98MWp and of 2.300.000 EURO total value, within six (6) months, February-July 2019

More specifically, the projects were:

ProjectMWpAreaValue (EURO)Time needed
Jequitiba6Brasilia, Brasilia316.000,003 months
(February-April 2019)
Dracena92Dracena, Sao Paolo1.984.000,006 months
(February-July 2019)


Our team’s (administrative staff, engineer-construction manager, engineer-on site project manager) obligations were:

  • Contract negotiation:
    Price, terms & conditions negotiation
  • Contract administration:
    Follow up of contractual works, claim of extra-contractual works, milestones-certifications of works, invoicing, payment, final project acceptance, customer’s evaluation
  • Project planning, cost estimation, budget analysis:
    We were asked to deliver the projects in time with 35% profit. Our work’s outcome was 40% profit with no delays
  • Preparation and provision of Method Statement and Risk Assessment
  • Setting up Suppliers – collaborators – subcontractors:
    Selection, negotiation, subcontract agreements, operations follow up, invoicing, payment, evaluation.
  • Setting up local crew:
    Selection, negotiation, employment agreements, payroll, evaluation – We had an average of seventy (70) employees with pick of one hundred twenty (120) employees for a month.
  • Setting up foreign crew:
  • Selection, negotiation, working visas issuance, employment agreements, payroll, evaluation – We had twelve (12) foreigners from Greece, Romania and Rep. of Panama.
  • Material and Plant Management
  • Quality Control & H&S Management
  • Crew’s Travel Arrangement and Accommodation


  • Projects: 2
  • Contractual value: 2.300.000,00 EURO
  • Profit: 40% (customer’s expectation 35%)
  • Delivery: in time (within 6 months of operations)
  • Suppliers-collaborators-subcontractors: 20 (in rotation)
  • Staff: 70 (in rotation) with 120 pick