Project Management of 7 Solar Parks in UK, of 24,3MWp totally

Our customer undertook the erection of civil and electrical works in seven (7) Solar Parks in UK territory, of totally 45,56 MWp and of 1.904.000 Euros total value, within five (5), January-May 2016, including the largest float park in Europe “Queen Elizabeth II”

More specifically, the projects were:

Project MWp Area Value (EUR) Time needed
Crookedstone 5 Crumlin, Belfast, N. Ireland 205.000,00 2 months


Queen Elizabeth II (float solar park) 6,33 Queen Elizabeth Reservoir, London, England 317.000,00 1,5 month

(Feb.-middle Mar.2016)

The Breck 5 Eastwood, Nottingham, England 205.000,00 2 months

(Feb.-Mar. 2016)

Stragglethorpe 5 Lincolnshire, England 205.000,00 2 months

(Feb.-Mar. 2016)

Carlisle 5 Cumbria, North West England 205.000,00 2 months

(Mar.-Apr. 2016)

Guisborough 5 Guisborough, North East England 205.000,00 2 months

(Mar.-Apr. 2016)

Charity Farm 14,4 Burlton, Shrewsbury, England 562.000,00 3 months

(Mar.-May 2016)

Totals: 29,3 1.904.000,00


Our team’s (administrative staff, engineer-construction manager, engineer-on site project manager) obligations were:

  • Contract negotiation:
    Apart for the price, which was given directly by the customer, we negotiated all terms and conditions
  • Contract administration:

Follow up of contractual works, claim of extra-contractual works, milestones-certifications of works, invoicing, payment, final project acceptance, customer’s evaluation

  • Project planning, cost estimation, budget analysis:
    We were asked to deliver the projects in time with 20% profit. Our work’s outcome was 26% profit with no delays
  • Preparation and provision of Method Statement and Risk Assessment
  • Setting up Subcontractors:
    Selection, negotiation, subcontract agreements, operations follow up, invoicing, payment, evaluation – We had three (3) subcontractors with rotation to all parks
  • Setting up crew:
    Selection, negotiation, employment agreements, payroll, evaluation – We had one hundred thirty (130) employees with rotation to all parks
  • Material and Plant Management
  • Quality Control & H&S Management
  • Crew’s Travel Arrangement and Accommodation
  • Suppliers Selection


  • Projects: 7
  • Contractual value: 1.904.000,00 EUR
  • Claim extra-contractual value: 110.000,00 EUR
  • Profit: 26% (customer’s expectation 20%)
  • Delivery: in time (within 5 months of operations)
  • Subcontractors: 2 (in rotation)
  • Staff: 130 (in rotation)