Personalised travel arrangements in Greece

It all began with a discussion, between me and my friend Helen (a second Helen!)…

We were discussing about jobs, companies, work conditions in different countries all over the world, citizens (Swiss, German, Italian, British, French, Spanish, Russian, Austrian, Greeks….) and how life, work, food…and reality is different in each country. We were discussing about companies, clients, individuals from the aspect of people who support them and from the aspect of people who organize the job!

And suddenly, without even really having discussed about it, the idea “rose”… How about doing something we really like, we are really good at, something that it is for fun and something that we will continue to support & help people in order to enjoy themselves?

Working many years in the field of organizing & managing business activities, projects to be completed, tasks accomplishment, consulting, planning, doing, supporting…..
We have all the “basic ingredients” to offer a quality result. Apart from that, we have the unlimited love for our birth place, our good knowledge of Greek reality & life to offer (the fun & beautiful side), the enthusiasm and the joy to offer an unforgettable experience of Greek life, Greek culture, Greek tradition, Greek nature, Greek history, Greek food and above all Greek hospitality….

Why we are doing this? What’s in it for you?

When planning vacation, you are sometimes excited about it and do a meticulous search, but sometimes you are tired and wish for someone to do the “dirty” job and just for you to go there and … enjoy every moment! For you, in the second category, we offer just that, the joy! You only have to send us a message, describing what you want. Our goal is YOU to enjoy your holidays in Greece, according your wishes and needs!

What we offer

  • Accommodation

  • Transportation advices and arrangements (to and from country and also in country)

  • Visit top City attractions / Tickets for museums/ Guided tours for museums and ancient Greek monuments

  • Greek food Dinner at a traditional Greek family

  • Bookings at local restaurants – cafes (according to your budget)

  • Walking tours for shopping and not only….

  • Visit the city by night to local barks

  • Summer cinema (only in Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Day trips to close islands, local beaches or any worth visiting natural areas such as mountain paths, rivers, lakes etc.

  • Day trips to ancient Greek monuments and to Religion monuments (mostly Byzantine ones)

  • Wine tourism (Day trip to wineries)

  • Various activities arrangements like scuba diving etc.

  • And many more… according to your wishes


What do you have to do?
You only have to send us an email (, describing the kind of support & help that you need. We will get back to you with the first draft of our proposal and costs. When we both agree in what you want & what we have to offer you, then we start to give “shape” to your needs.